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Digital Craft Workshop

Stoemp Fabriek is a Brussels-based digital craft workshop specializing in development and creation using digital machines.
We work mainly with Brussels suppliers and favor short or very short circuits.
We work in a community manufacturing workshop, based on participation and sharing.
We share our knowledge, ideas, problems, good addresses… and also take advantage of the resources offered by this large community.
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Digital machines

Numerical control (or NC) is the control system that coordinates the movements of a machine tool so that the tool follows predefined paths on specific axes.

Based on a drawing made on the computer and depending on certain parameters given to it, the machine cuts, embroiders, engraves, shapes, etc. the product.

The advantages of digitally controlled machines are numerous:

Reduced production costs
Minimizationof losses during machining
Reduction of human errors

Our techniques

Icone CNC